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Our mission, at the Manorville Historical Society, is to preserve, restore, repair, learn and disseminate the history of Manorville. Our museum is housed at the West Manor School, a two room schoolhouse built in 1929.

Agnes Pearo

Hello everyone and happy quarantine! I apologize for the lateness of this newsletter but to be honest, there is not much to report on since so many of the programs that we hoped to do were cancelled due to the COVID-19. Social Distancing rules have closed our thrift store and the clothing drive was postponed. These are our main fundraisers. Luckily, the thrift store has contributed enough over the past year that our coffers should hold out until we are allowed to resume business. This does not mean that we are not open for your donations to help pay for the electricity and etc.

Now for some good news! We are proud to say that our scholarship was accepted by the Board of Education and is on the list to give a $500.00 scholarship to college bound ESM history student.

Our meeting this month will be just for the executive board and it will be online through Zoom. If we are still quarantined in May and you want to be invited to the Zoom meeting, please email us at manorvillehistoricalsociety@gmail.com. All our other events are still tentative based on Governor Cuomo’s executive decision. I have included an excerpt from the past presentation of Dr. Allison McGovern in this newsletter. She is scheduled to speak at our May meeting and I can’t wait! She always has such interesting information to share. Please stay healthy until next time! Just remember, this too shall pass!

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