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Manorville Historical Society - Mission

Our mission, at the Manorville Historical Society, is to preserve, restore, repair, learn and disseminate the history of Manorville. Our museum is housed at the West Manor School, a two room schoolhouse built in 1929.

Agnes Pearo

Happy New Year to all! Hope you had a wonderful and safe holiday! Our busy year was concentrated on raising enough funds to facilitate survival during this time of Covid. Luckily, the thrift shop was only closed for a few months and has been doing great business since reopening in June. Our fair in September was also a success. However, we still have major work that needs to be done on the building, such as recaulking the windows, painting the eaves, and fixing plumbing in the ladies room . It has been nearly impossible to get estimates for this work since so many qualified and licensed businesses have been busy with people staying home and renovating their own homes. Even though we had a snow and ice storm blocking the museum, our Santa managed to give away stuffed animals and crafts and made lots of children happy. The only bad news for 2020 was that we were not awarded the guardianship of the Manorville Bible Church and the Pine Barrens Trail Center which have been vacant and owned by the county, after nearly three years of negotiations. We have been assured that the historical value of the buildings will be preserved. Part of our mission is to try to locate and preserve historical buildings in the area. We have included the story of one such building and the history that was found about it by one of our members. Due to the cold weather and Covid, our next three meetings will be by Zoom. Please be sure that we have your email address so we can send you the link. We also will need help with our next clothing drive at the end of March. Till next we meet!

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